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Accessory Dwelling Unit

At Carmel Home Remodeling, incorporating an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on to your property is a task that we are proficient in –you can find no one better to create, remodel or convert your garage into an ADU.

What is an AUD?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (AUD) is a creation that dates back in history. It is a small dwelling created within your property but aside from the main structure of the house. It is an independent living area that could be in the form of:

  • An apartment like structure on the roof of your house.
  • A small hut/cottage/house in close vicinity, but inside the boundaries of the property, to your house.
  • An independent living area in the basement.

How many types are there?

There are three basic types of AUDs:

  1. Internal

This type of ADU is one that is inside the main structure of the house. For instance, a basement apartment or living space could be considered an internal AUD.

  1. Attached

An attached ADU is one that enables direct contact to the main structure of the house through entries, windows, a shared wall and the like.

  1. Detached

A detached ADU is one that is completely independent of the main structure of the house, often existing a few inches away from it.

No matter the type of ADU you are looking to create, they all add value to your property. As an additional feature to the property you have created, it is considered an asset when selling. Additionally, having an ADU built could be beneficial in the following ways as well:

  • You could accommodate a larger number of people if need be.
  • You could create more housing options to choose from if your ADU is built extensively.
  • You could generate a monthly income via rent.
  • It could be the place where your elders stay as they age.
  • It could be a place that can house your child if need be.
  • It could be an office or working space for you.

What are some details to be careful of?

When it comes to ADUs, there are certain laws that have to be followed. As a company that specializes in building and development, these are precautions that we take care of for you. Many states and countries allow for AUDs to be created for specific purposes, neighborhoods, sizes, and styles. Additionally, the law also requires for AUDs to be registered so that they can be declared as part of the property, legally.

Why should you choose us?

While there are some prerequisites to creating an AUD, (insert company name) has got you covered. Our service includes informing you of all these considerations and taking it upon our self to fulfill requirements so that you are not inconvenienced.

Through the years of experience we have accumulated, we promise you a service that is excellent in quality and results in an impeccable looking AUD. While we can create an AUD from scratch, we also specialize in garage conversions. Through a process of nurturing (detaching the garage, installing power lines and water pipes, and giving it a makeover) we can transform your garage into an excellent living space.

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